Body → Car Glass Tools

Windscreen stand, 55 kg

Item no.: 20335L

EAN: 4033592075374

SAUER Uni-Heat U3230

Glazing, surface heating, bolts and screws

Item no.: 70100300

EAN: 4033592110464

Pneumatic glazing remover

Item no.: 40003L

EAN: 4033592013543

Cutting blade set, 7-piece

Item no.: 400035L

EAN: 4033592043731

Glass removal tool set, 7-piece

Item no.: 40009L

EAN: 4033592127813

Glazing-removal tool set, one man operation

Item no.: 40015L

EAN: 4033592073417

Set of protective covers made of plastic, 4-piece

Item no.: 40019L

EAN: 4033592127820

Plastic protective strip set, 2-piece

Item no.: 40016L

EAN: 4033592075770

Glazing removal set, rubber seal

Item no.: 40007L

EAN: 4033592050425

Glazing removal tool set, 7-piece

Item no.: 40002L

EAN: 4033592013529

Glazing removal blade

Item no.: 40002L-1

EAN: 4033592027205

Pair of handles for pane wire

Item no.: 40002L-3

EAN: 4033592027083

Wire guiding probe

Item no.: 40002L-5

EAN: 4033592027069

Parting awl, 365 mm

Item no.: 40002L-6

EAN: 4033592028608

Wire steady, XXL

Item no.: 40002L-4

EAN: 4033592030793

Cutting wire, drilled, 22,5 mm

Item no.: 400022L

EAN: 4033592036078

Cutting wire, 50 m

Item no.: 400021L

EAN: 4033592013512

Vehicle window assembly frame, 100 kg

Item no.: 40017L

EAN: 4033592099615

Single handed mini suction lifter

Item no.: 40018L

EAN: 4033592127882

Single suction cup, 25 kg

Item no.: 40001L

EAN: 4033592023252

Double suction cup set, 2-piece

Item no.: 40000L

EAN: 4033592013499

Double suction cup, 42 kg

Item no.: 400000L

EAN: 4033592013482

Ratchet clamping strap, 5 m

Item no.: 30005L

EAN: 4033592012423

Special scraper set, interchaneable blades

Item no.: 94860L

EAN: 4033592025997

Professional scraper, 240 mm

Item no.: 94825SB

EAN: 4033592025829

Seal scraper set, stainless, 4-piece

Item no.: 94840L

EAN: 4033592025447

Quality scraper set, 2-piece

Item no.: 94820L

EAN: 4033592021050

Scraper and hook set, 5-piece

Item no.: 94880L

EAN: 4033592028707

Scraper set, 2-piece

Item no.: 90603SB

EAN: 4033592058230

Tool assortment, Car glas tools, 39-pieces

3/3 system foam insert, 570 x 400 mm

Item no.: Z3000-11

EAN: 4033592076685

Tool assortment, Car glas tools, 17-pieces

3/3 system foam insert, 570 x 400 mm

Item no.: Z3000-12

EAN: 4033592076692

Headlight adjustment tool Mercedes-Benz

Item no.: 410125L

EAN: 4033592122719