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Coating thickness gauge, non-ferrous metals

Item no.: 72375L

EAN: 4033592051255

Body straightening set, 4 t

Item no.: 23040L

EAN: 4033592038836


Item no.: 10021L

EAN: 4033592044721

SAUER Uni-Heat U1230

for removing small dents in the vehicle body

Item no.: 70100200

EAN: 4033592110457

Aluminium hammer with changable plastic tips, 5-piece

Item no.: 23080L

EAN: 4033592110136

Straightening set, 10-piece

Item no.: 23020L

EAN: 4033592035347

Dent straightening bar set, 200-1050 mm, 8-piece

Item no.: 23027L

EAN: 4033592043144

Plastic spare heads

Item no.: 23028L

EAN: 4033592045520

Panel-beating tool set, 21-piece

Item no.: 23037L

EAN: 4033592075657

Special adhesive sticks, 10 pieces

Item no.: 23038L

EAN: 4033592075664

Panel-beating pad set, 9-piece

Item no.: 23039L

EAN: 4033592075671

Hot air blower, 2,000 W

Item no.: 62005SB

EAN: 4033592030526

Pneumatic chipping hammer, 9-piece

Item no.: S3213

EAN: 4033592024068

Needle scaler attachment

Item no.: S3215

EAN: 4033592118675

Japanese spatula set, 4-piece

Item no.: 91301L

EAN: 4033592020596

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Item no. variant Name
91301L L SB Japanese spatula set, 4-piece
91302L L SB Japanese spatula set, 4-piece

Body file clamping fixture

Item no.: 94040L

EAN: 4033592031561

Chassis file blade, 350 mm

Item no.: 94045L

EAN: 4033592078603

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Item no. variant Name
94045L - Chassis file blade, 350 mm
94042L - Body file blade
94043L - Body file blade
94044L - Body file blade

Sanding block

Item no.: 60510L

EAN: 4033592015370

Set of steel stamping letters and numbers, 3 mm, 36-piece

Item no.: 08820L

EAN: 4033592074445

Steel stamping numbers, 3 mm, 9-piece

Item no.: 08901L

EAN: 4033592010887

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Item no. variant Name
08901L - Steel stamping numbers, 3 mm, 9-piece
08902L - Steel stamping numbers, 4 mm, 9-piece
08903L - Steel stamping numbers, 5 mm, 9-piece
08904L - Steel stamping numbers, 6 mm, 9-piece
08905L - Steel stamping numbers, 8 mm, 9-piece
08906L - Steel stamping numbers, 10 mm, 9-piece
08907L - Steel stamping numbers, 12 mm, 9-piece

Pneumatic sandblasting gun

Item no.: 25070L

EAN: 4033592062725

Pneumatic sandblasting gun, 6-piece

Item no.: 25065L

EAN: 4033592045889

Assortment of brushes, 9-piece

Item no.: 61409SB

EAN: 4033592015578

Painting gun for compressed air, 0,6 l

Item no.: 25000L

EAN: 4033592012287

Pneumatic painting gun, 0,12 l

Item no.: 25005L

EAN: 4033592058162

Compressed air underbody protection gun

Item no.: 25050L

EAN: 4033592012348