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Moulded insert, double open end spanner, 10-piece

Item no.: Z3013-1

EAN: 4033592113328

Moulded insert, open end spanner set, 15-piece

Item no.: Z3013-2

EAN: 4033592113335

Moulded insert, metric combination spanners short set , 10-piece

Item no.: Z3013-3

EAN: 4033592113342

Moulded insert, metric long spanner set , 14-piece

Item no.: Z3013-4

EAN: 4033592113359

Moulded insert, metric ring spanner set, 12-piece

Item no.: Z3013-5

EAN: 4033592113373

Moulded insert, double ring spanners, 8-piece

Item no.: Z3013-6

EAN: 4033592113380

Moulded insert, metric double ring spanners cranked set, 4-piece

Item no.: Z3013-7

EAN: 4033592113397

Moulded insert, double ring spanners, E-profile

Item no.: Z3013-37

EAN: 4033592118637

Moulded insert, metric ratchet spanner set, 8-19 mm, 12-piece

Item no.: Z3013-8

EAN: 4033592113403

Moulded insert, open sprocket spanner, 8-19 mm, 12-piece

Item no.: Z3013-9

EAN: 4033592113427

Moulded insert, open spanner set, 12-piece

Item no.: Z3013-10

EAN: 4033592113434

Moulded insert, impact socket adapter, 14-piece

Item no.: Z3013-11

EAN: 4033592113441

Moulded insert, spiral slot socket set, 19-piece

Item no.: Z3013-13

EAN: 4033592113465

Moulded insert, socket set, 66-piece

Item no.: Z3013-12

EAN: 4033592113458

Moulded insert, socket set, 33-piece

Item no.: Z3013-14

EAN: 4033592113472

Moulded insert, bit assortment, 34-piece

Item no.: Z3013-15

EAN: 4033592113489

Moulded insert, ratchet drive set, 8-piece

Item no.: Z3013-16

EAN: 4033592113496

Moulded insert, socket set, 36-piece

Item no.: Z3013-17

EAN: 4033592113502

Moulded insert, socket set, 32-piece

Item no.: Z3013-36

EAN: 4033592114493

Moulded insert, socket set, 29-piece

Item no.: Z3013-18

EAN: 4033592113519

Moulded insert, metric socket set, 14-piece

Item no.: Z3013-20

EAN: 4033592113533

Moulded insert, sockets, 12-piece

Item no.: Z3013-21

EAN: 4033592113540

Moulded insert, sockets, T profile set, 16-piece

Item no.: Z3013-22

EAN: 4033592113557

Moulded insert, sockets, E profile, 18-piece

Item no.: Z3013-23

EAN: 4033592113564

Moulded insert, impact socket set 20 mm (3/4"), 9-piece

Item no.: Z3013-24

EAN: 4033592113595

Moulded insert, screwdriver, 9-piece

Item no.: Z3013-25

EAN: 4033592113601

Moulded insert, impact resistant screwdriver set, 5-piece

Item no.: Z3013-26

EAN: 4033592113625

Moulded insert, screwdriver, T profile, 10-piece

Item no.: Z3013-27

EAN: 4033592113632

Moulded insert, RX workshop plier set, 4-piece

Item no.: Z3013-30

EAN: 4033592113670

Moulded insert, RX workshop plier set, 3-piece

Item no.: Z3013-32

EAN: 4033592113694

Moulded insert, workshop pliers set, 4-piece

Item no.: Z3013-29

EAN: 4033592113663

Moulded insert, workshop pliers set , 3-piece

Item no.: Z3013-31

EAN: 4033592113687

Moulded insert, circlip plier set, 5-piece

Item no.: Z3013-33

EAN: 4033592113700

Moulded insert, hammer and punch set, 10-piece

Item no.: Z3013-34

EAN: 4033592113717

Moulded insert, mallet and punch set , 5-piece

Item no.: Z3013-35

EAN: 4033592113724

Moulded insert, wheel changing tools, 18-piece

Item no.: Z3013-28

EAN: 4033592113649

Moulded insert, oil tool set, 16-piece

Item no.: Z3013-19

EAN: 4033592113526

Mouldet insert with spark plug and glow pug tools.

Item no.: Z3013-38

EAN: 4033592118651

Adapter strip, 395 x 60 x 35 mm

Item no.: Z3013-ADAPTER1

EAN: 4033592114486