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Garage order folder

Item no.: 07311L

EAN: 4033592082792

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Item no. variant Name
07311L - Garage order folder
07312L - Garage order folder

Tool and device strip, magnetic

Item no.: 07355L

EAN: 4033592009584

Placement shell set, magnetic

Item no.: 07005L

EAN: 4033592062107

Similar items
Item no. variant Name
07005L - Placement shell set, magnetic
07020L - Placement shell set with foamed material inserts for cans

Consumables dish, magnetic, large

Item no.: 07357L

EAN: 4033592043830

Consumables dish, magnetic

Item no.: 07356L

EAN: 4033592009591

Consumables dish, magnetic

Item no.: 07358L

EAN: 4033592043977

Permanent magnet

Item no.: 30014L

EAN: 4033592061940

Clamping rail, 1/4", 15-piece

Item no.: 05400-LEISTE

EAN: 4033592027335

Clamping rail, 3/8", 15-piece

Item no.: 05500-LEISTE

EAN: 4033592027250

Clamping rail, 1/2", 15-piece

Item no.: 05600-LEISTE

EAN: 4033592027021

Adhesive tape dispenser

Item no.: S3220

EAN: 4033592025430