Workshop Demand → Ear and Eye Protection

Ear protection

Item no.: S9731

EAN: 4033592021753

Coarse dust glasses

Item no.: 11105SB

EAN: 4033592011440

Protective goggles, colorless

Item no.: 11100L

EAN: 4033592075381

Replacement glass

Item no.: 11120L

EAN: 4033592011501

Safety goggles, with interchangeable glass (⌀ 50 mm)

Item no.: 11104SB

EAN: 4033592128278

Safety goggles, clear

Item no.: 11103SB

EAN: 4033592128254

Welding helmet

Item no.: 11230L

EAN: 4033592060967

Welder's protective visor, cranked, 90 x 110 mm

Item no.: 11201L

EAN: 4033592128261

Window clear, 90 x 110, 10-piece

Item no.: 11210L-10

EAN: 4033592126038

Window A 11, 90 x 110 mm, 10-piece

Item no.: 11220L-10

EAN: 4033592126045