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SW-Stahl Multi-Tape, black

Item no.: 62016L

EAN: 4033592097659

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Item no. variant Name
62016L - SW-Stahl Multi-Tape, black
62017L - SW-Stahl Multi-Tape, blue
62018L - SW-Stahl Multi-Tape, transparent

Cable binder assortment, 75-piece

Item no.: 42511SB

EAN: 4033592014601

Cable tie set, 1,200-piece

Item no.: S8036

EAN: 4033592104340

Fir tree fixings assortment, 340-piece

Item no.: S8017

EAN: 4033592108317

Mounting clip assortment, universal, 192-piece

Item no.: S8033

EAN: 4033592104319

Mounting clip assortment, Audi, 160-piece

Item no.: S8030

EAN: 4033592104289

Mounting clip assortment, VW, 255-piece

Item no.: S8029

EAN: 4033592104272

Mounting clip assortment, BMW, 290-piece

Item no.: S8026

EAN: 4033592104241

Trim clip assortment, Fiat, 308-piece

Item no.: S8021

EAN: 4033592104197

Trim clip assortment, Ford, 415-piece

Item no.: S8027

EAN: 4033592104258

Trim clip assortment, Honda, 418-piece

Item no.: S8022

EAN: 4033592104203

Mazda trim clip assortment, Mazda

Item no.: S8024

EAN: 4033592104227

Mounting clip assortment, Mercedes-Benz, 270-piece

Item no.: S8028

EAN: 4033592104265

Mitsubishi trim clip assortment, 370-piece

Item no.: S8025

EAN: 4033592104234

Trim clip assortment, Nissan, 408-piece

Item no.: S8023

EAN: 4033592104210

Vauxhall/Opel trim clip assortment, 300-piece

Item no.: S8019

EAN: 4033592104173

Trim clip assortment, Peugeot/Citroën, 345-piece

Item no.: S8020

EAN: 4033592104180

Trim clip assortment, Renault, 300-piece

Item no.: S8018

EAN: 4033592104166

Trim clip assortment, Toyota/Lexus, 360-piece

Item no.: S8035

EAN: 4033592104333

Trim clip assortment, Volvo

Item no.: S8015

EAN: 4033592108294

Plastic rivets assortment, universal, 235-piece

Item no.: S8016

EAN: 4033592108300

Push-pin rivet assortment, 350-piece

Item no.: S8040

EAN: 4033592109857

Plastic locking nut assortment, Audi, 350-piece

Item no.: S8031

EAN: 4033592104296

Bodyshop metal fasteners assortment, Audi/VW, 400-piece

Item no.: S8034

EAN: 4033592104326

Seal ring assortment, copper, 300-piece

Item no.: S8142

EAN: 4033592057011

Copper O-ring assortment, 150-piece

Item no.: S8037

EAN: 4033592104357

Assortment of sealing rings, 150-piece

Item no.: S8052

EAN: 4033592035040

Assortiment of seal rings, aluminium, 300-piece

Item no.: S8143

EAN: 4033592062435

Ear hose clamp assortment, 170-piece

Item no.: S8038

EAN: 4033592104364

Hose clamp set, 26-piece

Item no.: S8055

EAN: 4033592035132

Shrinking hose assortment, 127-piece

Item no.: S8042

EAN: 4033592035064

O-ring assortment, 419-piece

Item no.: S8045

EAN: 4033592031028

O-ring assortment, 225-piece

Item no.: S8044

EAN: 4033592032148

O-ring assortment, 255-piece

Item no.: S8041

EAN: 4033592078535

Seal assortment, 141-piece

Item no.: S8059

EAN: 4033592056991

Snap ring assortment, 300-piece

Item no.: S8046

EAN: 4033592031585

Circlip assortment, 300-piece

Item no.: S8049

EAN: 4033592049948

Assortment of tensile and compression springs, 200-piece

Item no.: S8047

EAN: 4033592031592

Hollow pin/assortment of synchroniser rings, 450-piece

Item no.: S8054

EAN: 4033592034814

W-clip assortment, 150-piece

Item no.: S8043

EAN: 4033592035057

Assortment of pins, 555-piece, straight

Item no.: S8048

EAN: 4033592031608

Assortment of feather keys, 80-piece

Item no.: S8064

EAN: 4033592076852

Assortment of circlips, 720-piece

Item no.: S8066

EAN: 4033592076845

Assortment of synchroniser rings. 1200-piece

Item no.: S8053

EAN: 4033592036535

Assortment of body bolts and speed nuts, 170-piece

Item no.: S8067

EAN: 4033592076838

Nut assortment, 150-piece

Item no.: S8068

EAN: 4033592052252

Assortment of nuts, 146-piece

Item no.: S8135

EAN: 4033592043366

Washer assortment, 250-piece

Item no.: S8073

EAN: 4033592052269

Assortment of automotive fuses, 121-piece

Item no.: S8115

EAN: 4033592078139

Assortment of automotive fuses, 97-piece

Item no.: S8116

EAN: 4033592062039

Plug contact assortment, 1000-piece

Item no.: S8125

EAN: 4033592135924

Cable lug assortment, 100-piece

Item no.: S3180

EAN: 4033592038287

Quick-action connector set, 50-piece

Item no.: S8120

EAN: 4033592079136

Assortment of crocodile clips, 28-piece

Item no.: S8138

EAN: 4033592043373

E-circlip set, 300-piece

Item no.: S8039

EAN: 4033592035088

Assortment of rubber grommets, 180-piece

Item no.: S8112

EAN: 4033592056113

Blind rivet assortment, 400-piece

Item no.: S8058

EAN: 4033592052238

Grease nipple assortment, 110-piece

Item no.: S8065

EAN: 4033592052245

Empty box

Item no.: S8100

EAN: 4033592052276