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Socket spanner for oil tray, VAG

3/8", inner hexagon, 5 x 200 mm, jointed head

Item no.: 03017L

EAN: 4033592126052

Trigger for crankshaft, VAG

Inner hexagon with ball head, 4 mm

Item no.: 03018L

EAN: 4033592128766

Fitting tool, VW

Item no.: 94012L

EAN: 4033592100397

Assembly tool for shaft seals with impulse encoder wheel, VAG

Item no.: 26305L

EAN: 4033592136068

Sealing ring fitting set

Item no.: 94877L

EAN: 4033592076951

Shaft seal assembly tool set, VAG, 14-piece

Item no.: 94900L

EAN: 4033592120760

Installation and dismantling set for rotary shaft seals, 22-piece

Item no.: 94878L

EAN: 4033592110433

Shaft sealing ring pull-out set

Item no.: 94899L

EAN: 4033592099943

Double-hook tool, 320 mm

Item no.: 94875L

EAN: 4033592060844

Cylinder honing tool, for cylinders, 19-50 mm

Item no.: 41100L

EAN: 4033592025225

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Item no. variant Name
41100L - Cylinder honing tool, for cylinders, 19-50 mm
41101L - Cylinder honing tool, 3-jaw, 32-90 mm
41102L - Cylinder honing tool, 51-178 mm

Honing segment CF-63-1 - 28 mm- normal

Item no.: 41116L

EAN: 4033592025287

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Item no. variant Name
41113L - Honing segment, CF-62-12-S - normal
41116L - Honing segment CF-63-1 - 28 mm- normal
41117L - Honing segment CF-63-14 - 28 mm - fein
41118L - Honing segment, CF-63-21, 50 mm, normal
41114L - Honing segment, CF-62-14-S
41115L - Honing segment, CF-62-100
41119L - Honing segment CF-63-24 - 50 mm - fein

Piston ring pliers, Ø 40 - 100 mm

Item no.: 41224L

EAN: 4033592142212

Clamping strap 40-80 mm

Item no.: 41221L

EAN: 4033592044394

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Item no. variant Name
41221L - Clamping strap 40-80 mm
41222L - Clamping strap, 53-125 mm
41223L - Clamping strap, 53-175 mm

Seal scraper set, stainless, 4-piece

Item no.: 94840L

EAN: 4033592025447

Quality scraper set, 2-piece

Item no.: 94820L

EAN: 4033592021050

Quality scraper, 23 x 240 mm

Item no.: 94815SB

EAN: 4033592021043

Professional scraper, 240 mm

Item no.: 94825SB

EAN: 4033592025829

Scraper and hook set, 5-piece

Item no.: 94880L

EAN: 4033592028707

Scraper set, 2-piece

Item no.: 90603SB

EAN: 4033592058230